Cost of travel to Antigua is hardship for Barbudans whose salaries remain the same and are late because of Central Gov’t

Barbudans are complaining about the cost of travel between the two islands, particularly now, as they struggle with economic challenges.

Former Barbuda Senator Atkinson Beazer says that sister-islanders are suffering given the amount they are spending to get to Antigua.

He notes that the cost of living continues to rise while the people’s salaries remain the same – echoing the chord being expressed by many on Antigua.

Beazer reports that the cost for air travel to conduct a day’s business is $1,500, while travel by the ferry requires at least $900.

He notes that most Barbudans are employed with the Barbuda Council, which has not been receiving its monthly subventions in a timely manner. The Central Government is behind in its payments by weeks, he says, and this has caused the Council to be late with its weekly or monthly obligations to workers.

Beazer points out that there are several variables Barbudans have to consider before travelling to Antigua.

Meanwhile, as the price of gas decreased by $1.03 today, September 7, Beazer is complaining about fuel costs on the sister-island.

Liquid propane gas (LPG) is very costly on Barbuda when compared to Antigua, Beazer says.

In the meantime, the former senator speaks to the poor infrastructure on Barbuda, which, he says, needs to be improved.

He agrees that the Council has its functions to execute, but notes it is unable to do its work without the funds that Central Government appears to be withholding.