Another set of skeletal remains found, this time in the Diamond’s Estate area; families anxiously await identification

Several families with missing relatives are anxious to find out the
identity of the skeletal remains that were discovered in the
Diamond’s Estate area on Monday, June 19.

Reports say that Police confirmed the chilling discovery and are now
seeking to verify the identity of the person.
It has not been determined for how long the body has lain in that
location, and there is no certainty as to whose it might be.

However, based on the type of clothing found at the site, it is
believed the remains are those of a male. They will have to undergo
forensic analysis to confirm the person’s identity. 
Meanwhile, the Police have cordoned off and secured the area to
ensure the site is not further contaminated as they are conducting

The last time skeletal remains were found was on Whit Monday,
May 29, when excavation work unearthed bones in the Mount Joy

Before that, during a search for Shamar Harrigan, an autistic teen
who went missing, remains were found on December 5 in Willikies. 
Harrigan had been missing for three weeks, and articles of clothing
and other items belonging to him were found in the immediate area.
The condition of the bones reportedly suggested that the remains
were much older than three weeks, some searchers said, at the time.

However, the Police noted that forensic and DNA analysis would
have to be carried out in order to identify the remains, and this
would take some time.

Those results – among several others – apparently are still

Only a few days ago, Attorney-General Steadroy Benjamin
announced that a new forensic lab is nearing completion. However,
so far, its analytical capacity has not been reported.