Labour Relations Consultant Bass says engagement of Barbados waste-management firm would be unfair to local haulers

Labour Relations Consultant Henderson Bass is concerned that the Government could be utilizing the services of a Barbados-based company for waste management when many local garbage-collectors are still owed.

Reportedly, millions of dollars are owed to these entrepreneurs, who are contracted by the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), and who – just months ago – were forced to down tools in order to receive payment.

The Cabinet Notes of August 31 state that INNOTECH offers modern technology that tracks household collection through bar codes, as well as wheeled garbage-disposal containers and garbage trucks that are retrofitted to do the heavy lifting.

Bass says any move to the Barbados company by the Browne Administration would be unconscionable and unfair to the local haulers.

Reportedly, promises have been made to pay monies owed to the contractors by December; but this is just another election ploy, a source says.

Meanwhile, Bass addresses the Administration’s plans to engage the same company’s technology to detect leaks in the underground pipes of the water-distribution system.

On the matter of INNOTECH’s likely engagement, Harold Lovell, Political Leader of the United Progressive Party, is asking the Browne Administration to undertake due diligence on the company, since a money matter with the Barbados water authority ended up in mediation.