Five years after devastating storm, Barbuda’s symbols of administration, justice, and religion are still to be repaired

Five years after the passage of Hurricane Irma, certain important structures on Barbuda are still in need of repair, including the Council Hall and the Barbuda Police Station.

Barbuda activist John Mussington says the Browne Administration does not have a genuine interest in the development of Barbuda; only in destroying the island’s natural habit to construct hotels and make money.

Mussington asks why the Council Hall – which represents the Administration – and the police station – an institution of justice –

are left to lie in waste, and are not treated as important parts of the country’s progress and development.

The Holy Trinity Anglican Church is another structure – or icon, as Mussington puts it – that remains in ruins.

In addition, he notes that several homes are still without roofs; others were completely destroyed and have not been rebuilt all these years after Irma.

Mussington says this is the naked truth to which Barbudans awakened on September 5, 2022.