High Court justice reserves decision in matter between Robinson and the Police Service Commission

High Court Justice Jan Drysdale has reserved her decision in the
matter of the dismissal of former police commissioner Wendell

The matter concluded with lawyers on both sides making oral
submissions to strengthen their previously submitted written

The case got off to a doubtful start when neither the judge nor court
staff, nor lawyer representing the Police Service Commission (PSC)
was ready to commence.

This, sources say, was on account of some confusion with the date of
another matter that involves both parties.

As a result, the judge had to wait until matters in another court
room were completed, and then began the case at 10 a.m.
Once it began, however, the sources say the submissions flowed
smoothly from Wayne Marsh, Robinson’s attorney, and Dr. David
Dorsett, who represents the Police Service Commission.

Robinson has other matters before the court, challenging the actions
of the PSC; one of these is due to come up on December 7 at 9 am.