UPP will extend trade mission to North America next, as Party seeks relationships with credible investors, Lovell says

The United Progressive Party (UPP) is expecting to continue its Trade and Investment Mission in a few weeks, as it seeks to make contact and develop relationships with credible, reputable investors.

Political Leader Harold Lovell says building good, solid relationships does not happen overnight, and the Party is demonstrating its readiness to lead Antigua and Barbuda.

Last year, the leaders took a scouting trip to the Dominican Republic and Panama, and the next leg will take them to the North American Diaspora – The United States and Canada, including key cities such as New York, Atlanta and Miami,, Lovell says.

Lovell says the UPP would not want what has happened to the Labour Party to manifest during its own tenure – a lot of talk and no action, which has resulted in over 26 failed projects.

Accordingly, these trade and investment outings are to foster relationships and do the necessary due diligence on prospective investors, the Political Leader explains.

Lovell says that building partnerships is vital to a UPP Administration, as it will be seeking to diversify the economy and create more agri-businesses.