UPP’s Small-Business Caravan rolls into All Saints West on Saturday, as Party continues to be proactive in tough economy

The third edition of its Small-Business Caravan or Business Pull-up –the latest initiative of the United Progressive Party (UPP) – will be making its way to the All Saints West constituency this weekend.

On Saturday, September 3, the Party will spotlight and support small enterprises in the constituency as part of its ongoing business-support series.

A convoy of supporters will gather at the UPP’s Constituency Branch Office on the Seaview Farm Main Road at noon. “The adjacent food spot that features some of the best local delicacies and talented chefs on island will be the first stop on the tour,” the Party says in a release.

The caravan will then make stops in Seaview Farm, Freemans Village and All Saints and end in Buckleys.

The intention is to highlight and patronize chefs, artisans, farmers and other vendors to help spark business activity in the community and, ultimately, spur economic growth in the country.

Speaking of the initiative, Anthony Smith Jr., the UPP Candidate for All Saints West, says many of today’s big businesses started small.

He says the Party believes in the dreams of small enterprises, and notes that many of them are struggling in a tough economy.

Accordingly, the Party “wants to inspire them to be more innovative in meeting the needs of their customers and to find creative ways to expand their markets,” Smith says.

All Saints West is the third constituency to be featured in this initiative, which began in All Saints East and St. Luke and then went to St. George last weekend, August 27. 

In addition to stimulating business, it provides an opportunity for the UPP team to engage vendors and patrons, one-on-one, and share the Party’s plans and policies for the support of small enterprises.