Medical student robbed at knifepoint while out jogging; AUA warns student body to travel and exercise in groups for safety

An American University of Antigua (AUA) student reportedly was the victim of a robbery on the weekend, according to a report from the institution.

In a correspondence advising the AUA community, the University said the incident occurred early Saturday morning, August 13, while the young woman was jogging in the vicinity of Jabberwock Villas.

One of the two robbers, who reportedly were in a black SUV, is alleged to have held the medical student at knifepoint, and the University says it is grateful she was not physically harmed.

“Despite this traumatic experience, our AUA student is in good spirits, and her roommates have shown to be very supportive,” the statement says – adding that the Police are now conducting a full investigation into the matter.

 As a result of Saturday’s incident, the University is reiterating some safety tips for its students. It advises them to travel in groups, especially in areas deemed to be at high-risk location for this type of incident.

Further, it says, the chance of being robbed is lower if students exercise in groups, since robbers are “much less likely to approach a group when they can target an individual.”

In the meantime, anyone with information related to this incident is asked to contact the Coolidge Police Station at 462-3185 or AUA Campus Safety & Security at 764-7819.