Water-filled potholes are a danger to motorists, warns Traffic officer – in particular on Wireless Road and Friars Hill Road

Senior Sergeant of Police Kenny McBurnie of the Traffic Department is asking motorists to be extra careful with water-filled potholes, since they could be in for a rude and costly surprise.

McBurnie makes specific reference to the degradation of the Wireless Road, which has presented such challenges for years and been repaired on numerous occasions.

He says something needs to be done to prevent the potholes from forming in the same locations and creating a dangerous situation for drivers, especially when they are filled with water.

McBurnie notes that this is a problem occurring in other areas of the country. For instance, he says the recently constructed Friars Hill Road is beginning to create a problem that could result in the formation of potholes and cause accidents.

When it rains, he notes, it takes a while for the water to run off into the metal drains at the sides of the roadway.