Prisoner reportedly jumps from moving vehicle, but is quickly recaptured by Police; residents ask about transport procedures

For a second consecutive week a prisoner has escaped from police custody while being transported from the All Saints Magistrates Court in Herberts.

In this case, however, the dash for freedom was short-lived, since the escapee was immediately recaptured.

According to reports, the man jumped from the moving police vehicle, officers quickly stopped and gave chase, and the prisoner was quickly apprehended.

A number of police officers could be seen in the Herberts area following the incident, which is said to have occurred at about 11 a.m. today, Thursday, June 9.

The Police are now investigating the circumstances that led to the escape attempt.

Meanwhile, some residents are asking whether June is “escape month” for the Police and wondering in what manner prisoners are transported to and from the courts. One woman asks if these persons are not shackled or handcuffed while being transported.

Others residents are making fun of the situation and asking whether the officers had stopped to get water, or to buy lunch, this time around.

These comments relate to allegations made by Rickardo Bassawan, who escaped police custody while being transported to Her Majesty’s Prison last Tuesday, May 31. He subsequently told the Court that the officers transporting him had stopped to get snacks, leaving the vehicle’s doors open.

A source alleges that some officers, especially those attached to the Courts, behave like they and the convicts are friends and often do not adhere to procedures.

With these frequent escapes, he says, officers would be better off placing handcuffs or shackles on the prisoners – if that is not already the custom.

However, another person notes that both cuffs and shackles were routinely placed on political opponents of the Government who were never accused of violent crimes.

On Tuesday morning, June 7, Darren Giddings escaped from Her Majesty’s Prison, but was recaptured that afternoon near the Radio Range basketball court after the Police were tipped off to his whereabouts.

It is not known how Giddings made his escape.