Fearful family begs Clarevue authorities and Police to remove escaped mental patient from Greenbay community

An inmate of the Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital reportedly walked out of the institution unnoticed; and his family is expressing frustration and fear since the authorities have made no moves to recapture him.

A relative tells REAL News that the 25-year-old man simply appeared in the Greenbay community on Tuesday morning. When the family reported the matter to Clarevue, she says, the person who answered the phone admitted that they were unaware the youth had left the facility.

The telephone call was put through to the Medical Department, the relative says, but no one answered the phone. The family was ultimately advised that there was no vehicle available to pick up the patient.

The woman says the Police were eventually called because of the youth’s behaviour – cursing, shouting, removing his clothes, and even standing in the road. She tells REAL News that officers arrived at some point, claimed they did not see the young man, and left.

Up to midday, today, Thursday, the mental patient was still in the community making a nuisance of himself, she says, and the family is afraid the young man will hurt someone – or worse.

She hopes that by making their plight public, the authorities at Clarevue or the Police will be moved to take him back to the mental hospital, where he has been receiving treatment since about 2018, she says.