Pringle says empty Throne Speech fails to give credit to workers or hope to struggling residents

Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle is criticizing the Throne Speech as one filled with fluff and praises for Government Ministers, rather than for the workers who deserve the accolades.

Governor-General Sir Rodney Williams delivered the Speech from the Throne last Thursday, January 20, but did not outline any of the Government’s plans and programmes for this year.

Accordingly, Pringle says the speech did not offer any hope to the people during this hard economic time, when many continue to struggle and others remain unemployed.

He says that healthcare and other essential employees who have been working hard, and who have had to bear the strain of this pandemic, should have been singled out, instead of  praises being heaped on the minister.

Meanwhile, Pringle is still calling on the Gaston Browne Administration to provide some level of stimulus for the people, including small- and medium-size business owners.

He says  the extent of the hardship faced by many residents is unimaginable, and adds that Browne Administration is, indeed, very wicked.