Call sent out for blood donations, as one of four cyclists injured in Sunday’s road accident remains in critical condition

Andre Simon, one of four cyclists injured in a traffic accident on Sunday morning, May 8, is said to be in an induced coma, fighting for his life and in urgent need of blood.

Accordingly, Simon’s family and the hospital are making a plea for donations of B-positive blood; however, sources say that persons with B-negative and O-positive and negative can also donate.

Simon reportedly is in critical condition, having sustained multiple serious injuries, including to his head.

Photographs making the rounds on social media show him attached to a number of hospital machines.

Sources say the four athletes were riding their bicycles on Sir George Walter Highway, in the vicinity of Dee’s Service Station, when a Vitz motorcar ploughed into them. Eye-witnesses allege that the driver ran through a red light.

The four, who were rushed to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre, were said to be in a stable condition initially – although one cyclist reportedly was unresponsive while being transported there.  He reportedly regained consciousness later.

A video of the scene, taken after the accident, is also making the rounds; and an irate cyclist can be seen and heard telling the driver, who was being questioned by the Police, that he should be lost in jail because of his stupidity.

Parts of the badly damaged bicycles could be seen strewn across the roadway, while the vehicle’s cracked windscreen showed the force of the collision.