Fort Road superette held up at gunpoint; robber flees with cash and cashier’s phone

A Fort Road superette has become the latest target of robbers.

Reports are that a man went to the KOB “2” Superette and robbed the establishment and its cashier of an undisclosed sum of money and a cell phone valued at $499.

Further reports are that the single unknown male went to the business place on August 15, at about 6:25 p.m., and made the purchase of a small pack of Benson & Hedges cigarettes.

After the man received his change, he reportedly walked around the counter with what appeared to be a black gun and then placed a shopping bag on the counter.

Allegations are that he then demanded of the cashier: “Gi me all the cash!”

He is said to have ordered the superette worker to move faster after observing that the man was going about it slowly.

After the money was placed in the bag, the robber allegedly took the cashier’s phone off the counter and fled from the establishment.

A source says the incident might have been captured on CCTV footage since the business place has cameras.

The Police also conducted a search of the area for the perpetrator, but without success.