Senator Joseph’s campaign manager launches scathing criticism of Sir Molwyn’s attention to constituents

Health Minister Sir Molwyn Joseph is coming under attack again, as he seeks support for reelection from the constituents of St. Mary’s North.

Joseph, who has been accused of neglecting the constituency for years, reportedly was in Cashew Hill last night, April 26, hosting a meeting.  He is reported to have promised Cashew Hill residents that they will be involved in the rebuilding of bridges in the area.

Mere weeks ago, it was the United Progressive Party’s Candidate, Senator Johnathan Joseph, who commissioned a temporary concrete walkway to bridge a dangerous waterway. 

Immediately following the project, the Department of the Environment informed residents that the walkway would have to be demolished since there were plans to construct a bridge in that area.

Leon George, Joseph’s campaign manager, says that Sir Molwyn has done nothing in St. Mary’s North for decades.

He notes that, during a six-month stint in 2014, UPP Candidate Chester Hughes was able to get several projects undertaken in the constituency, including on the roads and drains.

Now, on the heels of another election, George says, Sir Molwyn is trying to fool the people again.

George recounts that after Sir Molwyn was re-elected to office, he closed his Whenner Road branch office.  But after the recent opening of Senator Joseph’s office in the same location, the MP re-opened his office two weeks ago, the campaign manager says.

Despite this, George alleges that the Health Minister has not been to the branch office to meet with constituents, to date.