UPP unveils MOM Programme, aimed at ensuring that children do not suffer when fathers cannot maintain them

The United Progressive Party (UPP) has unveiled another pioneering social programme, especially to assist mothers and children.

Political Leader Harold Lovell says the Maintenance of Minors – or “MOM” – programme will benefit those most in need: vulnerable children.

He acknowledges that child maintenance is a big problem and that mothers often have to resort to the court to get men to support their children.

While he admits that some men might rightfully be dubbed “deadbeat dads,” Lovell says there are many fathers who want to support their children. 

However, due to their financial situations – caused by unemployment or underemployment – they are unable to do so.

In some instances, these fathers end up being incarcerated for non-payment of their obligations.

The UPP, while being sympathetic to the men’s plight, wants to ensure that the affected children and their mothers can be taken care of; hence, the MOM Programme.

Lovell explains that a fund will be created under the well-managed programme, with the UPP Administration investing a minimum of $1 million from which child-maintenance payments can be drawn down.

However, once delinquent fathers secure employment, they will have to repay the monies to the fund, Lovell says.

Lovell explains that the MOM Programme essentially will function like a rotating fund.

This programme, the UPP Political Leader says, will ensure that the children of this country will not suffer as a result of unemployment or delinquency by their fathers.