National Solid Waste investigates illegal oil dump at Cooks disposal site, noting that it is an environmental hazard

The National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) has launched an investigation into the illegal dumping of spent oil (liquid petroleum) on a parcel of land not far from the Cooks disposal site on Tuesday night (March 8).

Reports are that a contractor operating a vacuum truck dumped a large quantity of the waste product about 100 yards away from the Landfill’s main gate, which Daryl Spencer, the NSWMA’s general manager says is an environmental hazard.

This action has now prompted the Authority to implement stringent measures against these types of truck operators going forward.

Spencer is making an appeal to all producers of liquid waste and those requiring the assistance of a sewage truck to ensure that all the waste collected from their property are adequately disposed before payment is made to the contractors.