Back to school,  full-time, for all students next Monday, Cabinet decides

All schools across Antigua and Barbuda are set to return to full time classes beginning next week Monday (March 14)).

This decision was reportedly taken during Wednesday’s (March 9) meeting of the Executive.

This means that Tier one of the Ministry of Education’s education plan will come into effect replacing the current Tier two.

Tier one is full face-to-face learning, which is the preferred method by all educators, who have complained that remote learning is not as effective and has robbed the nation’s youth of proper education.

Tier two- a blended approach- is inclusive of some in-person lessons mixed with online learning and tier three is full remote learning.

Schools, since last September have been engaged in Tier two instructions.

Sources had told Real News that the teachers had preferred the second tier, which would better give them an opportunity to reach all their students and work particularly with those who have been struggling.

This decision comes as Cabinet is set to relax other measures including the wearing of masks optional.

More information on this is expected to be revealed during Thursday’s (March 10) post Cabinet press briefing.