Public Transportation Union to submit ‘protection’ document for Cabinet approval, and says delay could trigger shutdown

A document being drafted for submission to Cabinet will be advocating for the proper protection of legitimate taxi operators.

This stems from an incident involving an unauthorized taxi operator and medical student last week, in which the student allegedly was assaulted with a stick.

Ian Joseph, Vice Chairman of the Public Transportation Union, and colleagues met with the Police and members of the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board this week to discuss the incident and its impact on taxi operators.

Joseph, who is also the President of the United Taxi Company, says the proposal will address the requirement for registration and the payment of dues by persons who wish to operate their vehicles as public transport.

Joseph says the policy-makers are being given one week to act on this proposal.

The earlier threat of a shutdown of the public-transportation sector was made in the heat of the moment, he says.  However, if the Union does not see results, operators may have to act on the threat, he adds.