Police Commissioner takes fact-finding trip to sister-island, while Fire Chief is asked to defer retirement for two more years

Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney is in Barbuda meeting with officers stationed there, as well as with Members of the Barbuda Council.

Rodney’s visit will include “engaging those on the ground to have a general feedback on a number of matters,” a release says.

He will also conduct an overall assessment of the operational and infrastructural needs of officers attached to the Barbuda Police Station.

Officers have been operating from a dwelling house in the village since the station was destroyed by Hurricane Irma in 2017.

This is because their new quarters are not properly equipped with the amenities required for daily operation as a police station, a source says.

Meanwhile, Rodney’s meeting with members of the Council will focus on a number of issues, including proper housing facilities for the police officers stationed there.

Reportedly, developers of the Peace Love & Happiness project were approached to remedy this situation and are said to have consented.

The day-long visit is expected to conclude with a tour of the island and engaging residents of Barbuda on other matters of concern.

Meanwhile …

Fire Chief and Assistant Commissioner of Police Elvis Weaver is expected to spend at least two more years at the helm of the Fire Department.

Weaver was expected to proceed on retirement in March, after having served over 40 years in the Force.  But REAL News is reliably informed that he has been asked to stay on and given a two-year contract.

Late last year, during an interview, Weaver was adamant that he would be calling it quits and said he was looking forward to retirement.