Thieves damage van in order to steal landscaper’s tools, valued at more than $3,500

A landscaper has been left without the means to support himself
and his family after his tools were stolen from his work bus by
unknown individuals.
The Grays Farm Police Station is now investigating the incident
reported by the Tindale Road man.
Reports say the victim complained that his Stihl FS85 weed-
whacker, Echo 320U weed-whacker, and a Stihl BR600 blower were
stolen from his Nissan Urvan bus, registration no. C7152.
Apparently, the victim had parked the vehicle facing south on the
western side of Tindale Road, leaving his work tools inside.
The bus had been parked in that location sometime on February 25;
and when the man last checked it, everything was inside, he said.
However, next day, he left home; and upon his return he observed
that the glass on the passenger sliding door had been broken out
and his tools were missing.

Reportedly the stolen items have an estimated value of over $3,500
– with the weed whackers costing $1,800 and US $600, respectively.
The cost of the blower is not known.
A search was carried out in the surrounding areas for the stolen
items but without success.
This offence reportedly occurred between 5 p.m. on February 26
and 5 a.m. on February 27.