‘Put gas price back to $12.50 per gallon or face other actions,’ Watts and irate citizens demand ahead of people’s picket

The Prime Minister is being given an ultimatum:  Revert to the $12.50 per gallon retail price of gas or face other actions.

This call, made by Algernon “Serpent” Watts, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. George, is being echoed across various business sectors and among disgruntled residents, as plans for a people’s picket next Tuesday gather steam.

One radio-station caller says it is time the people turn the tables on Finance Minister Gaston Browne and, for a change, demand that he do their bidding by this Saturday … or else.

Watts continues to describe the hike in fuel prices as a burden on the backs of poor people. 

And since the cost of oil has already dropped to under US$100 per barrel on the international market, the local increases prove the Browne Administration acted hastily, he says.

Meanwhile, Watts says he is still baffled by the pricing mechanism used to arrive at the over-$3 increase on gas and diesel prices.  The increase amounts to over 25 percent and the Government has not given an explanation on how this figure was obtained.

With reference to the discount that public-transport operators and fishermen are to receive, Watts says they should not be rejoicing, since they will still pay for the increase in other ways.