Isaac says application of rules and laws is skewed by financial and social status

D. Gisele Isaac, Chairperson of the United Progressive Party (UPP), says the rules, regulations and laws of Antigua and Barbuda vary, depending on one’s social and financial status.

Referring to a situation that involves Elton Ryan, a livestock farmer who operates in the North Sound area, Isaac says he has been disadvantaged, because several government departments have failed to properly and fairly do their jobs.

She says the farmer is now “catching hell” because of a concrete plant that was erected nearby by a Chinese company. As a result, the land on which he rears his animals is virtually useful as a feeding ground.

Isaac says this cannot be right.

The UPP Chair says the time is long past for the people of Antigua and Barbuda to stand up against this type of tyrannical behaviour.

Meanwhile, in addressing the recent strong-arm actions of the Development Control Authority, Isaac says there must be alternatives to demolishing the properties of business people when there are illegal structures all around the island.