Senator Tabor says that money wasted on E-book program would have been better spent to improve water situation

Senator Damani Tabor, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Spokesperson on Science, Technology and Innovation, says that a UPP Administration would have managed the country’s water situation far better than the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) Government has done.

Tabor was responding to the promise made by Sir Robin Yearwood, the Minister responsible for the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA), that from Thursday, February 17, residents would see a major improvement in the delivery of water. 

Further, he said that, by year-end, water should be flowing through the pipes daily.

However, Tabor says the UPP Administration has greater credibility on the water issue.

Tabor says the Government squandered financial resources on ventures like the E-books, when they could have been better spent to provide a constant supply of pipe-borne water.

Despite the 11th-hour attempt to ensure a 24-hour water supply, Tabor says the Government cannot be forgiven for failing to resolve the issue over the past eight years – especially when it had the financial capacity to do it.

According to the UPP Senator, the Party has a sound plan to deal with the water crisis.

Tabor warns that if the people give the Gaston Browne Administration another term in office, the current urgency to deal with the water situation will dissipate.