PM Browne says Government will purchase Jolly Beach for asking price and promises staff settlement in 90 days

The Government has offered to purchase the Jolly Beach Resort for the full asking price and the offer has been accepted, Prime Minister Gaston Brown announced on Saturday.

And along with purchasing the property, the Government is absorbing all of the company’s outstanding debt, he says.

Browne says that Government has been subsidizing the operations of the property for well over a decade, and a decision has been made to discontinue the arrangement.

As with other questionable deals revealed over the past months, Browne is claiming that the Jolly Beach arrangement will be undertaken in partnership with several unnamed individuals and companies.

Meanwhile, current and former staff of the Jolly Beach Resort continue to agitate for monies owed to them.  However, the Prime Minister quickly glides over when and how that thorny issue will be resolved.