Probe into fireman’s fatal accident reportedly stalled because of investigating officer’s own legal troubles

Investigations into the accident that claimed the life of a fire officer, Constable David Roberts, reportedly have not been concluded on account of the investigator finding himself in trouble with the law.

ASP Glenroy Weekes – the senior officer who was arrested and charged for stealing money from the staff of the XPZ Supermarket and for gun and ammunition possession – had been tasked with investigating Roberts’ death.

Constable Roberts died on April 23, 2021, after an accident on the airport compound.  He had been test-driving a tender on Easter Monday, April 5, when he lost control and crashed into the fence, and then was hospitalized for about three weeks in the Intensive Care Unit.

While an investigation into the cause of the crash was mounted, the report has not been handed in due to Weekes’ legal problems.

Retired Fire Chief Elvis Weaver says he never saw a preliminary report on the investigation.

Weaver, who has always spoken highly of Constable Roberts, is in favour of a suggestion that a fire tender should be named in honour of the fallen officer.

Roberts served in many disciplines within the regular Police Force; 11 years as a firefighter; and was part of the Police Protocol Team.

Meanwhile, the larceny charge against Weekes has been dismissed, reportedly because of the absence of prosecution witnesses.  However, the firearm and ammunition charges are expected to proceed to trial this year.

Some sources say Weekes will remain on suspension from the Force pending the outcome of this matter, while others claim he has gone into retirement.   His status has not been verified.