Education system needs to revamped to level playing field for dyslexic and other special-needs students, deFreitas says

Franz deFreitas is calling on the relevant agencies to put in place the mechanisms needed to revamp the education system to deal with special-needs children. 

His comment follows claims by the Dyslexia Centre’s Ingrid Daniel that not much is being done by the authorities to assist children suffering with dyslexia.

Speaking from an education standpoint, Daniel says the scale is tipped to favour those who are not challenged by a learning disability.

Apparently, a special curriculum has not been formulated for those dyslexic children who have moved on to secondary school, and who were already finding it difficult to cope at the primary level with fewer subjects.

DeFreitas, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. John’s City South, says more needs to be done for those diagnosed with dyslexia to help them become as competitive as their counterparts.

Accordingly, he says the education system needs to be revamped and keen attention should be paid to children with special needs.