Judge hands down not-guilty verdict in case involving All Saints West MP

A not-guilty verdict has been handed down in the Michael Browne case today, December 13.

Browne was charged with a serious criminal offence and was on trial in the High Court for about two weeks. He testified during his trial and has always maintained that he would be vindicated.

Today, Justice Colin Williams returned  the verdict that absolved Browne of any wrongdoing.

Since Browne was found not guilty of the offence, the law prohibits the media from publishing any details of the trial or indicating the nature of the allegations.

Charges were brought against Browne in November 2020 and he had been on bail since.

He was forced to resign as a member of the Cabinet after the allegations against him surfaced and he was charged.

Browne was replaced by Daryl Matthew as Minister of Education; but now that he has been exonerated, it is unclear whether Prime Minister Gaston Browne will reinstate him to that portfolio.

With this legal battle behind him, Browne should now be able to focus on his election campaign as the incumbent for the All Saints West constituency.