Potter takes Matthew to task for condition of Rural South and highlights the plight of Golden Grove New Extension residents

Gladys Potter, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. John’s Rural South, is again decrying the filthy and unkempt condition of the constituency – less than 24 hours before the General Elections – under the watch of the Antigua Labour Party incumbent, Darryl Matthew.

The gutters, roads, overgrown bushes and the generally run-down infrastructure in the constituency are of concern to Potter, who is castigating Matthew for pleading with constituents for another term in office.

Potter says the people of Rural South should soundly reject Matthew at the polls.  She says he has done nothing during his term, but is now trying to play catch-up at the last minute by breaking ground for an expansion of the Golden Grove Primary School.

Referring specifically to the overall condition of the Golden Grove New Extension area, she says the condition of those roads can be described as the worst in the country.

Further, Potter says that some areas are completely without roads, having only unpaved access areas to allow persons to get to their properties. 

However, the UPP Candidate says that heavy rainfall prevents these persons from getting to their homes due to the accumulation of water and the muddy conditions.  

Some residents in this area have no electricity service, Potter notes, since they cannot afford the sum that the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) requires to run power lines in their community.

She says that a UPP Administration will seriously address this situation, since people should not be deprived of a basic need, such as electricity, because they do not have the money for government’s infrastructure.