Amidst ongoing drought, Mussington condemns destruction of Barbuda’s waterways in the name of ‘development’

Activist John Mussington says the country has been undergoing a severe drought for several years and, yet, in the name of development, the Gaston Browne Administration is destroying natural water courses on Barbuda.

Mussington says that some of these courses have been destroyed by investors working on what they consider development projects.

At present, a water-rationing schedule is in place for most communities due to the inability of the Antigua Public Utilities Authority to supply the amount of water needed country-wide.

The country is now largely dependent on water produced  through the process of reverse osmosis.

Meanwhile, Mussington says that development on the sister-island has also led to the destruction of some historic landmarks.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Browne and a delegation from Antigua and Barbuda are in attendance at the COP26 summit, discussing climate change and seeking compensation from the larger countries for damage to the islands’ ecosystem.   

Mussington has said already that this is hypocrisy.