UPP’s Water Spokesman lashes Sir Robin for failure to fix water problem, as promised several years ago

Alex Browne, the United Progressive Party Candidate for St. Phillip’s North, is lashing his opponent – Sir Robin Yearwood, the Minister responsible for the Antigua Public Utilities Authority and the provision of water – for Government’s  continued failure  to provide adequate water on a daily basis.

Browne, who is also the Party’s spokesperson on water issues, says that promises made by the Antigua Labour Party (ALP)  seven years ago have failed to materialize.

He recounts a promise by Sir Robin to fix the then water issues within 14 days of taking public office; however, the situation, in some persons’ estimation, has worsened.

Browne says that, come next election, Sir Robin will be held accountable for his unfulfilled promise, which impacts everyone, including farmers, and therefore threatens the country’s food security.

The UPP Candidate also references the recent fire in Seaview Farm, where a house was burnt to the ground.   Neighbours could not make even attempts to put it out, since there was no running water in the village at the time.

Browne notes that, in spite of the installation of a number of reverse osmosis plants, the water shortage continues.

He says enough has not been done to tackle the issue, since both the APUA and Sir Robin have pointed out that millions of gallons are wasted through leaking pipes each day.

Although the Authority has sought to replace the old metal pipes with more durable ones,  leakage continues in those areas where the pipes are yet to be changed.

Meanwhile, Browne says Sir Robin should be sacked for his failure to rectify the water problem, as he promised on the campaign trail.