Young man assisting Police with Harris-murder probe, while residents wait for word on Finch and James investigations

A man remains in police custody assisting with investigations into the killing of Customs employee Margaret Harris.

Reports are that the Police have detained a man, said to be in his 20’s, for questioning in connection with the country’s 11th homicide for 2021.  No further details are available about the suspect or the killing.

In an earlier report, soon after the homicide, it was said that a man apprehended in Clare Hall had been taken into custody.  But that story was quashed almost immediately.

The lifeless body of 52-year-old Harris was found on the morning of Friday, October 15, in a bushy area along Wireless Road.

A post-mortem examination is expected to be conducted to determine the exact cause of her death, since, according to the Police, she had sustained multiple injuries.

Harris is the third employee of the Customs and Excise Division to be attacked in three years and the second to have been killed.

Meanwhile, several persons tell REAL News they are anxious to hear from the Police on the killing of Jane Finch, a Canadian who was a longtime resident of  Piccadilly.

A young woman – who was still on the premises when officers arrived and found Finch reportedly stabbed to death  – has been charged; but only with breaking into Finch’s home.  

The woman has since been ordered by the Court to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, but no word has been given on the investigation into the homicide.

Residents are also upset that there has been no further word on the Vincia James investigation.  More than two weeks have passed since a handbag and identification cards belonging to James were fished from the pond at Northsound. 

Since the pond is said to be “not contained” – and therefore cannot be drained – reports said the Police were contemplating sending divers into the waterway to search for James’ remains or further evidence.  But if this has been done, the public has not been apprised.