Masked gunmen break into Cedar Grove woman’s home demanding money and drugs, but leave only with an iPhone

The latest report in a string of acquisition crimes is from a Cedar Grove woman whose home was broken into on June 5, at about 2:10 a.m.

The woman reported to officers at the Langfords Police Station that she was robbed by two masked gunmen after they gained entry through a single-hung, push-up bedroom window.

Reports say the victim heard someone calling at her window, and when she answered she saw a masked man climbing through the window with a gun in hand.

After he gained access to the bedroom, reports say, the man proceeded to a bedroom door, which he opened to let in his accomplice. Reportedly, the duo then asked for a man by his alias and demanded money and drugs from the woman.  

It is alleged that she told them the person they were looking for did not live there, and she did not have any money or drugs.

At this point, it is reported, one gunman went outside while his accomplice remained inside the house searching through the woman’s dressing table.

As he was doing that, the victim’s 85-year-old mother reportedly entered the bedroom, and the intruder pushed her to the floor, causing the elderly woman to injure her face.

The gunmen then fled the scene, taking with them the woman’s iPhone.

Investigating officers conducted a search for the phone in the immediate surroundings, but it was not retrieved.