UPP will not accept water tanks being used as inducement for ALP votes, says Lovell, adding that distribution must be fair

The United Progressive Party (UPP) is drawing the battle line, saying it will not sit back and accept the Antigua Labour Party’s use of the distribution of water tanks as an exchange for votes in the upcoming general elections.

While there is nothing wrong with allotting water tanks to those who need them, Political Leader Harold Lovell says, he asks why this was not done eight years ago.

He says the manner in which the initiative is being implemented forces one to question whether the recipients are being bribed.

According to Lovell, the system is skewed and goes against the grain of good governance.

Lovell is putting the Labour Party and its political leader, Gaston Browne, on notice that the UPP is willing to take action to stop any form of inducement this coming election.

The UPP Leader says that a fairer system – much like the School Uniform and School Meals programmes – must be put in place to manage the tank-distribution initiative.

He notes that these water tanks were purchased with tax-payers’ money; and even those donated by the Chinese were presented to the Government of Antigua and Barbuda – not to the Labour Party.