Millions wasted on E-books as students languish for want of electronic devices, Wehner complains ahead of education forum

George Wehner  continues to bemoan the fact that millions of tax dollars were spent on E-books that are not in use at a time when students are more dependent on electronic devices.

At the time, Wehner, the United Progressive Party’s Mobilization Officer, was promoting this evening’s third virtual public forum in the “Tackling COVID” series.  

Tuesday night’s discussion will focus on education and will examine, among other things, the lack of Internet services and the inadequacy of remote learning for many students.

It will also look at guidelines for safe and sustained learning under COVID-19, and the best learning-recovery programmes to prepare our schools for future shocks.

In this regard, Wehner says the Gaston Browne Administration has failed the youth of Antigua and Barbuda.

An Indian company, Fortuna Pix, was contracted to supply the e-books. However, after the Government reportedly spent over $70 million on the devices, they never worked as was expected and lacked enough content to fulfill curriculum requirements.