Mother laments that Government’s vaccination mandate prevents her from accessing child-support at Magistrates Court

Unbeknown to many residents, the Gaston Browne Administration has mandated that all persons entering government offices show proof of inoculation.

Apparently this mandate came into effect on October 1, the same date that Cabinet set for all public-sector workers to be vaccinated.

A mother tells REAL News that she was asked for her vaccination card when she visited the St. John’s Magistrates’ Court to collect her child-support cheque.

She says she was called by the security guard, who asked her to produce the document.  When she said she did not have a card, she was told that it is a prerequisite for entering the building.

Our News Room contacted a source at the court and learned that the administrators had been issued two directives by the Permanent Secretary: one which specifically addresses workers’ vaccination status and the other speaking to the general safety of the work environment.

Accordingly, the source advises mothers who are unvaccinated to write a letter of permission and allow a vaccinated person to collect the child-maintenance cheques on their behalf.

Asked about unvaccinated men who must pay child support into the court, the source says they, too, can get someone who has been jabbed to deposit the payment, or ask the security officer to do so on their behalf.

The source says that not being allowed into the building will not become a “loophole” for non-payment, since these fathers will have to pay the arrears when picked up on a warrant.

Meanwhile, an irate woman tells REAL News that this new policy is unfair and wrong. “Imagine Government ah put pickney lives at risk by trying to starve them if their parents are not vaccinated,” she says.

She adds that she hates what is going on with the vaccination campaign and the taking away of people’s free will and right to choose.  She notes that those who are being denied entry to government buildings and access to services are also tax-payers, and this amounts to “taxation without representation.”

She sees the current situation as the Book of Revelation’s prophecy being fulfilled, in terms of persons requiring a government ID in order to buy or sell.

Another woman is wondering whether the presentation of vaccination cards will still be required once herd immunity is reached.  

A source says that Antigua and Barbuda’s population is about 98,000.  Since many children will be unable to take the vaccine and other residents have medical conditions that prevent them from taking the jab, she says the 80,000 now required for herd immunity will not be reached.

“So what will the Government’s next move be?” she asks.