AUA refutes campus-suicide story reported online, and denies accusations of cover-up of any adverse incident

The American University of Antigua (AUA) is refuting an online media report which claimed that a student had committed suicide on the university compound.

In a public letter, the University confirms that a student who was enrolled at AUA had passed away; however, the incident occurred in the United States – and not Antigua – in late October.

In keeping with the wishes of the family, who asked that their privacy be respected, AUA says it made no comments on the death.

Shining some light on the situation, without violating the family’s privacy, the University says the student in question left Antigua some time ago and has been away since then.

Although the incident did not take place on campus, the University explains that it felt compelled to respond to the online article.  This  was to mitigate against any student being adversely affected “before they were able to ascertain the true story.”

Meanwhile, AUA mentions two particular comments on the article that call for the institution to be accountable for the death and accuse it of being uncaring to its students.

The University says the comments could not have come from AUA students, who are “taught to gather all the facts before coming to a conclusion – whether it is about a medical diagnosis or a tragedy like the one addressed in the article.”

Further, AUA is strongly refuting what it says are several unfounded accusations: At no time has there ever been an incident that was covered up or not investigated fully, it says, and it urges the accuser to prove otherwise.

AUA ends by reiterating  its commitment to providing “world class education in the field of medicine in a secure and safe environment to all.”