In light of pandemic challenges, teachers are owed more than just money, says Director of Education on World Teachers Day

Director of Education Clare Browne is extolling the continued dedication and sacrifice of teachers, as the Nation celebrates World Teachers Day 2021 today, October 5.

The theme for this year – the 27th anniversary of the annual celebration – is “Teachers at the heart of education recovery.”

In his message to “all teachers from nursery to university” level, Director Browne says they deserve the greatest respect and highest commendation that can be afforded them.

In extending gratitude to the educators, Browne says that, against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers are owed more than just money for the immense work they have been doing in such trying times.

Browne says the Ministry of Education, Sports and Creative Industries is very much aware that “the many adaptive and creative responses” that will become mandatory as the country recovers will depend on teachers.

Accordingly, he says the leadership of the Ministry values the role that teachers play, and he promises that they will continue to be supported as they sharpen the educational prowess of the Nation’s youth.