A group signing itself “The Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda and The Citizens of The Commonwealth of Dominica” has written to a several international agencies, and copied the letter to major media houses, requesting help in the Mehul Choksi matter.
In a correspondence dated June 6, 2021, the group is requesting the collective assistance of these entities to investigate what it believes is a crime against humanity.
Among others, the letter is addressed to the United Nations Human Rights Council; The Fund for Global Human Rights; Amnesty International; Human Rights Watch; and the World Organization Against Torture; and Transparency International.
The group provides information on Choksi’s alleged criminal background in India, as well as his abduction from Antigua to Dominica, in what “seems to be an attempt at rendition to India without due process.”
“The prime ministers of India, Antigua/Barbuda and Dominica appear to have colluded to engage in this illegal act,” the group charges.
However, it asserts, the fact that Choksi is wanted in his home country for alleged criminal acts does not “diminish his humanity.”
Speaking to his matter in the Dominica Magistrates Court, the Citizens are concerned that political influence might be exerted to ensure that Choksi is deported directly to India.
“If his charge is that of illegal entry, then he must be returned to where he came from; he cannot be sent elsewhere,” the group contends.
Further, since the Indian man is alleging that he was abducted, then the boat crew that took him to Dominica must be located and brought before the court, the citizens say.
Given the implications of these events, the group is calling on the international agencies and media “to take a close look at what has occurred and is unfolding in the Caribbean.”
“Please take a moment to devote some resources to this and let it be known publicly,” the group pleads. Otherwise, it says, without international exposure, this matter will be swept under the rug.
Choksi was remanded to the custody of the Dominica police last week on the charge of illegal entry. However, he is still a patient at the China Friendship Hospital there.

An application for bail was to have been made in the High Court today, June 8. However, up to press time, the outcome of the hearing had not been made public.

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