Families’ wait is over: DNA results confirm that skeletal remains found are those of two missing youth – Hurst and Harrigan

Two families are now experiencing bittersweet relief, as DNA results have
confirmed the fate of two young men who went missing.

In a statement released today, May 23, STRATCOM confirmed the identities of
skeletal remains as those of Noah Hurst of Lightfoot and Shamar Harrigan of
Willikies – both youth reported missing by their families in separate incidents.
According to STRATCOM, Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney, along with other
senior police officers, held a meeting with Hurst’s and Harrigan’s family
members, on Thursday, at Police Headquarters. There, he disclosed the
results of samples that had been sent abroad for forensic analysis.
In delivering the heart-wrenching news, Commissioner Rodney reportedly
acknowledged that he could not begin to imagine the anxiety and pain the
families had suffered while awaiting the official results. However, he sought to
offer words of comfort to each family and thanked them for their patience.
He also assured them that the Police would continue to investigate the
circumstances surrounding the deaths of each young man, and he thanked the

public and the Government for their support and assistance in resolving both
Harrigan, 19, was autistic and was reported missing on November 14, 2022.
Police discovered his remains, along with several articles of clothing and his
knapsack, about three weeks later, on December 5, 2022, during a search at
Rome’s Estate in the Willikies area.
A number of local organizations, including The Blue Dragonfly Foundation,
Inc.; the Antigua and Barbuda Search and Rescue & The Superyacht Services
Guide; and the Police Force partnered with Harrigan’s family in search efforts
to locate him.
Meanwhile, Hurst’s remains were discovered by the Police in the bush near
Diamonds Estate. Today, Thursday, marks exactly one year since he was
reported missing – on Tuesday, May 23, 2023.
The 24-year-old disappeared not long after having spent quality time with his
parents and a sibling, engaging in conversation on their porch. 
His parents had departed for work next morning, believing that Hurst was still
in bed; but when they returned home they discovered he was not there and
that his cell phone had been left in his bedroom. It appeared that the Lightfoot
resident simply had vanished without a trace.

The Police subsequently questioned several persons in connection with his
disappearance, and they are still asking the public to provide additional
information to assist with their ongoing investigation.