Solid Waste Authority warns persons transporting garbage to cover the back of vehicles and avoid hefty fines and imprisonment for littering

In an effort to keep the country’s roads and roadsides free of unsightly litter,
the National Solid Waste Management Authority will be taking a hard line with
The Authority says it is cracking down on violations and enforcing the Litter
Control and Prevention Act, 2019.  Therefore truck, trailer, or motor vehicle
operators who transport waste are being reminded to secure the backs of
their vehicles properly to avoid garbage flying off during transportation.
Those persons who choose to move with waste uncovered are being warned
not to let the garbage slide off their vehicles, as they could face a fine of $5,000
or imprisonment for one year. Additionally, they face suspension of their
driver’s licence for a period of six months.
Corporations, on the other hand, may face a fine of $15,000. 
The Authority is appealing to residents who spot violations to report the
information anonymously to the Litter Warden Hotline at 727-2467 in order
to help maintain pristine streets.