Discovery of snake remains confirms Patterson farmer’s suspicions; Wehner calls on authorities to sweep area for dangerous species

The Pattersons, Liberta, farmer who suspected that his livestock was being
killed and eaten by a snake has again found evidence to substantiate his

On February 18, the farmer had complained about what he believed to be a
snake devouring his pigs. At first, the man had been losing small pigs; and then
the losses got worse, as bigger ones were being taken every three weeks.
He had reported these incidents to the relevant authorities, who allegedly had
brushed him off, believing that the farmer probably had an overactive

Later, however, he found what he believed to be the tail end of a reptile in
another area of his farm, and he concluded that his dogs had bitten the
predatory creature.

At the time, REAL News correspondent George Wehner was contacted to do an
expose on the matter. Then, on Labour Day, May 6, he was called again – but
this time by the farmer’s daughter.
In this instance, the Pattersons farmer had found the remains of a baby snake
– said to be a boa constrictor, about four and half feet in length – that his dogs
reportedly had killed, Wehner says.

Based on his research, Wehner adds, the mother snake could have given birth
to upward of 10 babies in one session, and this, he says, is alarming.

He is concerned that the Pattersons area, leading into Falmouth, could be
crawling with boa constrictors, which would be a dangerous situation.
In the meantime, Wehner notes that the relevant authorities have not made
any appeal to the public or said anything about the situation to the various
news outlets.
In fact, the REAL News correspondent recalls that his earlier report – although
widely circulated – was met with scorn by the naysayers and even by a
government senator.
But now, Wehner says, the evidence is there, and not a drum has been heard
from Minister of Agriculture E.P. Chet Greene, who is also the parliamentary
representative for that area.
Additionally, he says nothing has been said by officials from the Ministry of
the Environment or the Forestry Division – which is of particular concern to
him, since these reptiles are an invasive species that is not native to Antigua
and Barbuda.

Accordingly, Wehner is calling on the relevant authorities to address this issue
speedily and undertake a sweep of the area in order to arrest any danger that
might be looming.

REAL News correspondent George Wehner.