Beating and alleged stabbing of mentally ill man lead to amputation of one arm; citizens express concern

Persons are appealing to the Government and, in particular, to
Minister of Health Sir Molwyn Joseph to put mechanisms in place to
properly address the issues of mental health and persons who are
suffering such challenges. 

This call is being made once again after a mentally disturbed man
was beaten by residents in the Tinning Village area – an assault that
has led to the loss of an arm.

The man is alleged to have indecently assaulted a 13-year-old girl on
the afternoon of Tuesday, April 9, on the compound of a Perry Bay

Apparently, the incident was reported to the Grays Farm Police
Station by the teenager’s grandmother and an initial search for the
perpetrator proved futile. 

However, officers who continued their search for him found him in
the presence of a large crowd in the Tinning Village area and took
him into custody.

The lawmen later observed that the man had several lacerations
about his body, and so the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) was
summoned and he was transported to the hospital.

Reportedly, up to that time, officers were unaware of the man’s
name and address. But an online source has since identified the
man by an alias: “Robo.”

A video now in wide circulation, and captioned “Robo touch a lil girl
and run, ” two persons can be seen raining blows on the allegedly
deranged man.

Meanwhile, a young girl in school uniform and a mature woman are
unrelenting in their attack on the naked man, who appears confused
as he pleads with them.

Even onlookers who came to his assistance had a difficult time
quelling the rage of the two females.

While it is alleged that the man deliberately touched the teenager in
a sexual way, others say that his action was unintentional.

More seriously, however, a source tells REAL News that the mentally
unstable man did not only receive a thorough beating, but he was
also stabbed – and had to hide in a nearby gutter to escape his

Allegedly, from hiding in that unsanitary place, his wounds became
infected; hence, doctors at the hospital were forced to perform
surgery and amputate the affected arm just above the bicep. 

Sources say that medical officials are now waiting to see if the
patient has circulation in the part of the arm that remains.

One resident says she is appalled that Sir Molwyn continues his
lacklustre attitude towards persons with mental-health conditions –
and appears to be doing nothing  to tackle the growing number of
mentally ill people on the streets.

Others say this latest situation is outrageous and sickening, and they
urge the authorities to do something quickly to address this mental-
illness crisis. 

Questions are also being put to the society regarding the treatment
of this mentally ill young man.

“How could anyone mistreat a mentally challenged person like this;
and allegedly return to stab him and beat him further?” a concerned
woman asks.

She opines that those involved in his mistreatment should be
charged with several offenses.