Dealer reportedly receives over $17k but fails to deliver vehicle; woman alleges two bank accounts were emptied of over $70k

A case of fraudulent conversion and another of larceny – both involving
large sums of money – are being probed by the Police.

Apparently, a United States resident who is currently staying in John
Hughes reported to the All Saints Police Station that she had given a
Clarkes Hill man EC$16,000 and US$555 to purchase a vehicle online.

However, up to the time of making the complaint on Tuesday, March 26,
she had not received the vehicle or her money. Further, she claimed that
all her efforts to either obtain the vehicle or retrieve her cash had been

The alleged offender reportedly was handed the money on or about June
24, 2023, at Clarkes Hill.

The constable investigating the matter reportedly made several calls to the
alleged offender’s phone, but they went unanswered; and a subsequent
search for him was not successful.

Meanwhile, a Willikies woman is out of over $70,000, allegedly stolen from
two separate bank accounts.

The woman went to the Criminal Investigations Department and reported
that $28,006.28 and $48,704.15 had been removed from two accounts at
the Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank (ECAB).

This offence reportedly occurred between January 15 and February 29 this
year. However, no further details of this alleged crime were available for