Honda FIT stolen in St. John’s is retrieved from Five Islands area, but personal items and plates are missing

Persons intent on nefarious acts continue to commit the larceny of
private vehicles and are removing parts, in particular their license

An All Saints man is the most recent victim of vehicular theft, during
which his pink Honda FIT motor car, registration number A55747,
was stolen in St. John’s.

Reports say that, on Friday, March 22, the victim parked his vehicle
in the vicinity of Digicel on Redcliffe Street and set off to pick up
food from a restaurant on the other side.

Reportedly, as soon as he exited the vehicle, two unknown young
men – dressed in dark clothing and wearing hooded shirts – got into
the car and drove off. 

Inside was the victim’s backpack, which allegedly contained EC$800,
US$500, an ear piece, and a power bank.

After the man reported the offense to the Criminal Investigations
Department (CID), officers carried out a search in the surrounding
areas, but without success.

However, the All Saints man subsequently went back to the CID and
reported that the car had been found in the Five Islands area, parked
under a tree in some bushes. 

Reports are that the key, the stereo set, and the number plates were

Accordingly, the owner was forced to use his spare key to drive the
car to the St. John’s Police Station.