Simon appeals for support of Saturday’s fundraiser to assist 11- year-old cancer patient

A young cancer patient is in need of assistance, and MP Kelvin
“Shugy” Simon is appealing to the constituents of St. Mary’s South
and to all residents on a whole to support a fundraising initiative for
the child.
Kyle Christian, only 11 years old, has been diagnosed with Stage 4
cancer and is seeking funds to travel to Jamaica for further medical
Therefore, a fundraising luncheon will be held this Saturday, March
2, in Johnsons Point to help Kyle meet his target.
When the family reached out to him and he was told of the boy’s
ailment, Simon says it broke his heart – since this type of situation is
not something a child that young should have to endure.
Accordingly, the MP is urging persons to come out in support of the
worthy cause and join the effort to save the child’s life – adding that
the parents and the entire family have been going through a very
rough time since his diagnosis.

It will take over EC$100,000 to cover the pre-teen’s medical
expenses, Simon says. He has reached out to some potential donors
in order to raise a fraction of the funds, he says, but is yet to receive
any positive response.

Kyle’s case is dire. If he does not fly out within the next two weeks, it
could be a different story being told by his family, Simon

Saturday’s luncheon event starts at 10 a.m. and runs until
everything is sold out, the MP says.
He notes, as well, that there will be a donation box for those who
want to support the family, but might not want to purchase

MP Kelvin “Shugy” Simon.