Bird says his efforts in Rural East were outdone by money; but he is investigating circumstances that could lead to legal action

Sean Bird, the United Progressive Party (UPP) candidate for St. John’s Rural East, is investigating circumstances that might have influenced voters to cast their ballots in a particular way, as he contemplates legal action.

Bird, who lost the seat to Maria Browne, wife of the prime minister, says that he and his team had a post mortem after the polls to see where things went wrong.

He says that what outdid his efforts – in the last two nights before the January 18 elections – was the money, which many people in the constituency have admitted to receiving from his opponent.

But while Bird believes that money played a major part in his loss, he also feels there were other nefarious issues at play.

According to Bird, his comments are not being made from an emotional perspective; rather, he says, he has received certain information that lends credence to what he is saying.

Accordingly, that information is now being gathered in order to determine whether he should pursue the matter before the court.

Meanwhile, Bird says he has not given up on the people of St. John’s Rural East; so they can expect to feel his presence as he works with them to bring about change in the constituency.