Relocation of All Saints Clinic to Swetes Clinic building is not working; deFreitas sees situation as Govt’s continued neglect

An arrangement by the Browne Administration – to house two clinics in one building – reportedly is not working out too well, as it is creating some discomfort and confusion to those who use the facilities.

Reports are that the All Saints Clinic has been moved to Swetes and occupies the same building as the clinic for that community.

There is literally no space for the two clinics to operate in that small building, says Franz deFreitas, who contested the St. John’s City South constituency for the United Progressive Party (UPP).

The relocation of the All Saints Clinic was due to the unsanitary and dilapidated conditions of that building, including a leaking roof.

These were some of the same issues that forced the relocation of other government offices and departments, including the All Saints and Willikies Police Stations and the St. John’s and All Saints Magistrates Courts.

Accordingly, deFreitas says the Gaston Browne Administration continues to neglect the well-being of the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

He says this situation, caused by the ineptness of the Administration, is not unique. And, as proof, he points to the Glanvilles Polyclinic, which has been plagued with issues since it opened its doors just over a year ago.

The All Saints Clinic was located on the same compound as the Fire and Police Stations and the former Magistrates Court in All Saints.

The Police Station has since been relocated to an area on the All Saints Road, while the Court has been moved to Herberts, occupying a building on the compound of the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board.