Suspect in stabbing issues threats of death and bodily harm to police officers while he is detained at Parham Station

A number of officers at the Parham Police Station reportedly were
threatened with bodily harm by a suspect who was detained
following a stabbing incident.

The threats extended to the children one officer, with the suspect
allegedly vowing to kill them.

A source tells REAL News the man was being held in the cell at the
Parham Police Station when he reportedly became violent and
began to kick the door of the cell repeatedly, while using profane

The source says that a corporal warned the man to desist from his
behaviour and language; but he persisted, demanding to know why
he was being detained for so long when he had only defended
himself during the altercation with another man.

The suspect, the source says, claimed that he had been assaulted.
And in the altercation, he took away the knife and stabbed the other

At least three officers reportedly had to restrain the suspect, and
while attempting to place a handcuff and shackles on him a struggle

It is alleged that, after he was restrained, the man told a constable
that he was taking note of his face, because any time he meets the
officer alone he is going to show him how wicked he, the suspect, is.

Allegedly, he added that if he was unable to hurt the policeman, then
he would hurt his school-age children – since, when he gets upset,
he would kill anybody, no matter how young
Reports say he told another officer – whom he derided as being
“black and ugly” – that when he meets him on the road he is going
to go after him.

The police corporal again warned the suspect about the threats, and
he allegedly responded, “Are you nah bad from no way. Open the
cell and one a you come in, and me go show you how me deal with
people. You think you bad? Me go coop you and shoot you… .”
This matter, which reportedly occurred on February 27 at 6:15 p.m.,
is under investigation.