MP Simon protests discourtesy at hand-over of Bolans Police Station, and says completed building is not ready for occupancy

MP Kelvin “Shugy” Simon is expressing annoyance at the continued
disrespect meted out to Opposition MPs.

Simon reports that he was invited to the opening/hand-over
ceremony of the reconstructed Bolans Police Station on Thursday
morning, February 29.

However, during the event, he was surprised by an on-the-spot
request to address the gathering as the elected representative for St.
Mary’s South.

Simon says he did not back down from giving the address, since he is
always willing to speak on behalf of the constituents who elected
him twice in less than a year.

After he had spoken, Simon says, Antigua Labour Party Senator
Dwayne George – whom he defeated in last October’s by-election –
was also invited to speak. However, the MP notes, George appeared
to have received prior notice, as he pulled out a prepared speech.

Simon says the double standard smacks of disrespect, since George
was asked in advance while his invitation appeared to be an

As the person in whom the constituents put their trust in two
elections, the representative says he will not accept such disrespect
– that an appointed senator was accorded greater courtesy than an
elected member of Parliament.

Simon is appealing to the Browne Administration to stop
disrespecting Opposition MPs and, instead, accord them the
courtesies that come with being elected to public office.

He notes that he can point to many other instances in which this
type of treatment has been meted out to members of the Opposition

Meanwhile, regarding the new station, the MP says he is confused
about the official hand-over to the Police since the building, although
completed, does not appear to be ready for occupancy.

There is no equipment or furniture installed, so it does not appear
that the officers will be operating from there just now.

MP Kelvin “Shugy” Simon.